Life in Chiang Mai, Thailand

We are embarrassed to say it, but it’s already been half a year since our last post. Things have been changing so quickly here on our side that we have barely had time to catch our breath, until now.


We are settling into life in Thailand, as much as nomads can, and starting a routine. A routine that includes regularly scheduled travel, of course.


For those that haven’t seen our recent posts, we’re back in Chiang Mai for now. We briefly considered living in Seattle, which we still are considering for the future, but ultimately decided it is not the right move for us right now. Thailand was always in the back of our mind, and realized if we didn’t go explore it now we weren’t sure if there would be another time – so we went for it!


However, contrary to what most people think when they hear that we’ve moved to Thailand, we are not near the water. Where we live isn’t the Thailand from the movie “The Beach”, as we are much further North in a small mountain town. There are temples everywhere, crazy traffic, and a ton of restaurants and cafe’s filled with digital nomads from around the world.


Our life is so simple that our daily $2 freshly made smoothies, Thai tea, and the pool at our apartment to keep us cool in the consistency 106-degree weather are basically our only itinerary and the highlight of our days. Trust me, we’re not complaining.


Life is simple here in Chiang Mai, and it is just what we needed. We visit the same food stalls and markets and see the same smiling locals. Crazily enough they are starting to recognize us, which feels nice.


We’ve found that Thai people are generally the nicest people ever. We’re not exaggerating to you when we say that our local smoothie lady is so nice that she puts a smile on our face every time we visit. She owns a small fruit stand with a blender underneath an umbrella most days of the week from 10am-8pm and seems like the happiest person in the world.


While we love this area for how relaxed and easy (and cheap!) it is, sometimes we need a break. Luckily, there are still Western amenities like giant malls with stores like H&M and food other than Thai, like Mexican food for days we want to splurge. (No joke it is some of the best Mexican food we’ve had. Who knew?!)


Suffice it to say, we’ve grown really fond of this tiny mountain town. You eventually get used to the crazy traffic. You get used to trying to express yourself in broken Thai and hand gestures. You get used to seeing monks using their iPhones.


Although we miss our loved ones dearly, life is good. Our plan for the next few months is to lay low, eat fabulous food, and stay cool in the oppressive heat.


We’re also focusing on some projects for the future and planning some really fun trips for the second half of 2016. One month until we explore Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia!



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