We are moving to London!

We’ve been sitting on this for what feels like forever, so we are excited to finally announce our next big step: We are moving to London! 

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We realize you may have some questions, so let’s dive right in:

Why Now?

No one should actually surprised by this news. Collectively, we’ve both moved out of the country 5 times. However, this time the reason we are moving away, well a couple of reasons, but the biggest one is that I am returning to school to get a 2nd Masters degree. I will be attending Brunel University and getting a degree in Business Intelligence. Apparently the all nighters and research papers weren’t enough the first time around. Am I a masochist?! Probably. 

You might remember that we came back to the states last year after our year of traveling. (Read here) We had a tough time adjusting. We loved having a place to call home, but the lack of adventure was killing us. We’ve traveled a lot since our return, more than we had even planned. We took these trips not only to fulfill our wanderlust, but to see if we could live happily in Florida through limited vacation days and short international trips. We went to Morocco, Iceland, and the West Coast. These adventures were some of our best yet, but they only refueled our motivation to go after the dreams that we were holding on the back burner.


Finding the right direction in my career was a major goal of mine when returning to the US. I briefly tried teaching English in Prague, but learned pretty quickly that I didn’t have the passion to fulfill that path. Now, I have found a field that I am both interested in and believe that I will be good at, giving me the motivation to kick ass in London.

I am forever grateful that Full Sail hired me back after we went gallivanting around the world for a year, offering me the opportunity to teach Anthropology. It was truly an enriching position, allowing me to analyze and research culture while sharing my personal experiences with the students. While I loved what I did and the people I worked with, a great job in the wrong city and in a field I didn’t see myself in 10 years from now just didn’t seem like a formula for happiness long-term.

In the end, we see this opportunity as an investment into my career and our future family.

Why London?

London consistently ranks as one of the most expensive cities in the world. We know we will struggle at first, but it has been a dream of mine to live and work in London since the moment I left my student exchange in 2009. I am not guaranteed to find a permanent job in the UK after school, but just being able to go back for at least another year is a dream come true. Thankfully, when I introduced Amauri to the city in 2012 he fell just as hard as I did.

Nothing is permanent when you are as impulsive as we are. However, we are fully committed to making a go of it and will be trying our best to find permanent jobs, but after that pretty much anything could happen. To us, that is the most exciting part! We are both looking at this like any of our other adventures, the start of a new chapter.


What about the blog?

We originally started the blog to journal our honeymoon, documenting memories for ourselves, friends, family, and our future children. Over time, it has evolved into something we are truly proud of and love that through it we have been able to connect with people who are just as passionate about travel as we are. While we plan to be busier than ever in the next year, we still hope to update on our travels periodically along the way.

More and more, we have both been finding our creative outlet and inspiration through photography. We are by no means pros, but we are enjoying the process that comes along with it and are loving the results. Expect to see more photography from us in the future!

(See some of our favorite photos on Instagram here: http://instagram.com/marriednomads)

What’s next?

We went through a lot of red tape and detailed paperwork to get here. I’m not kidding. One question on the visa application was, “List all countries you’ve visited outside of your home country in the last 10 years, along with the corresponding dates.” A traveler’s nightmare! Although we got through the visa process successfully, our work is by no means over.

Fortunately for us, we crave these challenges.

When people ask us why we choose to live our lives traveling, it’s because we don’t want to live life with regrets. We both want to live a life that feels authentic, that feels chosen and not just a default. We want to become the best versions of ourselves, the best we can be. This requires challenge, sacrifice, and being out of our comfort zone. We want to see and experience all we can. So this is us, jumping on every opportunity and trying to seize the day. People might think we’re crazy, but at least we’re in it together.


 I hope you guys will follow us along on this exciting new adventure!


3 responses to “We are moving to London!

  1. How awesome guys!!! Im very happy for you…and Im sure this decision will change your lives, for the best!! Now being in Europe you will travel even more 😀 good luck with everything and if you ever visit Munich let me know!

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