Countries to Visit on a Budget

We realize stating that it’s possible to travel around the world with a budget is ballsy. However, after hopping around from country to country for the past few years without a high paying job, or sometimes even an income at all, we stand by the claim that it is completely achievable.

In fact, when we moved back to Orlando and figured out our budget, we realized that we spent less living on the road than we did in our 1 bedroom apartment per month. When we managed to average out all the money we spent on our trips, it was around $1000 a month. In the grand scheme of things, this isn’t too bad. With our accommodation in Porto, Portugal costing $10 for a private room and a meal in Bali, Indonesia going for less $5, it seems doable, right?

Whether you go for a year, month, or week, we have found that there are plenty of countries to visit on a budget. There are certainly countries that we didn’t list that will allow you to spend less, but we wanted to list the one’s we have either visited first hand or have heard from other travelers.

In most cases, the flight cost will be the biggest expense. Luckily, there are still places that the US dollar goes a long way, so after jumping the hurdle of saving for the flight, you will end up spending less overall.  Much less. 

Naturally, the next question would be, what countries?! 

(We have bolded the countries we have visited ourselves.)


Croatia: Pearl of the Adriatic

It is well known that Western Europe is not cheap. We’re going to be honest, its tough to make it happen on a budget, but it can be achieved if you are smart about it and cut costs where you can. On the other hand, the rest of Europe is a different story. We spent a great deal in these regions last year and can attest that we were amazed at how good of a value these countries are for travelers. Accommodation can be less than $15 a night, meals can be eaten for less than $5, and transportation prices on bus or train are reasonable. 





Czech Republic


Bosnia & Herzegovina











Central & South America 


Another part of the world that will fall into the budget friendly category is Central and South America. Lot’s of backpackers head to the America’s stretching their budget for months. While you should heed safety warnings of certain countries, these are usually few and far between, and in general it is a lot safer than people think. The land is incredibly diverse, full of really welcoming people. The culture in the America’s is as vibrant as it gets.


Costa Rica



El Salvador







The Caribbean 


Idyllic beaches, fruity drinks, and a bathing suit? Yes, please! The Caribbean is the place to go to relax and recharge your batteries, all while getting the perfect tan. There are tons of all inclusive resorts on the islands, but it is possible to visit these islands and not go 5 star. Even so, we visited an all inclusive to Jamaica for a week for $1200 total, flights included.  The key to budget in these countries is flexibility because the deals are abundant.

Dominican Republic

Puerto Rico



Cayman Islands



As you may have guessed, Asia is the best bet for budget travelers. There are so many countries to choose from, and you can find some of the best value for travel experiences more than anywhere else around the world. Backpackers have flocked to this area of the world since the beginning of time, so there is a ridiculous amount of resources and information out there on how travel to Asia cheaply.










Sri Lanka




Africa is an out of your comfort zone – life changing – exotic location.  Enough said? We went to Morocco for 2 weeks, and most of the private rooms we booked at the hostels were around $15 a night and a cab from the airport was $5. While in Africa, it is easy to get carried away with excursions of wildlife safaris and camel rides to the desert, but with a little research it is possible to find cheaper options. Like most countries, it is cheaper to book your excursions when you actually get there, or through a local hotel/hostel, rather than booking it online from your home. Flexibility is key.

South Africa


What is the point?

Basically, the point we want to get across is that the world can be seen for a reasonable amount of money. Make sure to tell this to the naysayers who believe travel requires thousands of dollars. Your spending habits while on vacation will naturally play a role, but if you really want to experience the world and benefit from the amazingness that only travel provides, you can keep it simple and spend less than you probably do at home.

What country(s) have you traveled to or lived in on a budget?


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