Impressions of Ljubljana, Slovenia

We don’t have many pictures of Ljubljana, Slovenia, mostly due to a combination of sickness (on my part), rain, and our budget being tighter because they use the Euro. It’s a cool city though, I promise. 

If there was ever a place that we wish we could have a re-do, it would be here. There was so much to offer and unfortunately we weren’t able to partake.

The highlight of our trip was sitting in a pub while it rained and meeting a Slovenian businessman who is an avid listener of 2pac. Sometimes I forget how powerful music (American music at that!) can be in finding a connection with someone. I would have NEVER guessed we would meet someone like him, and that makes it even more special.

We sat for hours talking to him about life, politics, education, almost everything. Do you see how large those beers are?! He explained to us how Slovenians get free healthcare, lengthy maternity AND paternity leave, and a free education. Not bad for a country that is only around 20 years old. 

He spoke about how his friends were architects, doctors, and lawyers. It made me wonder how different things could be in America without the burden of student loans and a $30,000 degree. 

Although sitting in a pub isn’t something to tick off our travel list, it is an afternoon we will remember forever. When else would we have the chance to spend an afternoon throwing back some beers with a local Slovenian whose life is completely different than anyone we’ve ever known? I can tell you that it certainly won’t happen by sitting at home. 

It is these kind of moments that light a fire under our ass, shoving us to save more money and buy tickets to more places around the world.


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