The Perfect Travel Accessory

Hello! My name is Charity, and I am a scarf addict. 

New Zealand, 2010
London, 2012
Seattle, 2011
North Korea, 2010

Notice the similarities in the above pictures? (Besides the ridiculous amount of black in my wardrobe!) Throughout the years, I have bought countless scarfs in every pattern imaginable. Somehow, I keep coming back to the trusty purple scarf I bought in 2008. I can’t let go of it and no other scarves can compare. It has been with me to twice to Europe, New Zealand, Asia, and the Caribbean. 

London, 2012
South Korea, 2010
Holland, 2009

Obviously, it’s time to go shopping for more scarves!

Beijing, 2010
Rome, 2009

However, within my obsession I have discovered that scarves (especially my trusty purple one) is the perfect travel accessory and a must have. I have used it for numerous reasons besides fashion and warming my neck, such as: 

-making a bag (by tying the ends together)
-blanket at the park/beach/plane
-head wrap when it rains
-beach wrap
-wrap to enter a temple/mosque
-makeshift cardigan (which is another obsession all together)

Paris, 2009

If there is one accessory you should not forget to bring with you on travel, its a scarf. Scarves are transitional pieces which can be used for any season in the year and its versatility is endless. Just don’t copycat my signature purple scarf. (I know you want to.)

Pisa, 2009

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