Planning an Escape

It’s raining in London today. (shocking!) We haven’t seen the sun since we’ve been here. What does that mean?
No, we are NOT renting a car and driving on the wrong side of the road. I got my fill of that in New Zealand. God, that was a nightmare. 
Even better! We found some ridiculous prices to some of the touristy hot spots in Europe and we just couldn’t pass it up. In true Amauri-Charity fashion, we thought of this idea yesterday, got super giddy, then stayed up until 4am booking buses-trains-flights-hostels. So, in 24 hours we are headed to:
London -> Paris
Paris -> Brussels
Brussels -> Berlin
Berlin -> Amsterdam
Amsterdam -> London
It’s going to be a quick trip, but the price was right. It’s less than a flight from frickin’ Florida to well…anywhere! (Seriously. $40 to Paris!)
I mean, why the hell not? We can figure out that pesky employment thing after we get back, right? 🙂
This trip (and travel in general) is a complicated animal. We’re running away from the heaviness of responsibility on some level, and at the same time, we’re sprinting toward what we want. I married Amauri because we both have a burning desire to have the most fulfilling, unpredictable lives we can carve out for ourselves. Traveling is our versions of the real world that we love so much.
I remember before I moved to London, some places just seemed too far, too difficult to reach. But once you start traveling, you never want to stop. You want to hear people stories, see where they live, eat their food. You realize, and of course its a cliche, but like many cliches, its true. We are all interconnected. I love going to new places and being reminded of that.
Oh, and I like fatty foods and delicious European beer. I can’t wait!!!

First stop, Paris!

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