Unemployed in Europe

I have finished my course in Prague and decided that it isn’t the place we want to settle. Although we made some fantastic friends, experienced some amazing sights, and discovered unique places such as the **“the dungeon”, “meat place” and “The Pub”, we feel we have to leave Prague (for now). Since our plan is to be overseas long-term, the low currency conversion and low pay will not set us up for the future. It was bittersweet to leave and strange to feel so connected to people and places after only 1 month. 
**I won’t even try to explain. It’s best to show in pictures. 
The dungeon bar
The Pub. A group of us managed to get the #1 spot!
Beautiful Praha. 
Lennon Wall. One of my favorites. 
Our goodbye party! 😦
A piece of us will always be in Prague. ❤
We have decided to settle in his brother’s house in Brandon, Suffolk to figure out our next move. While applying for jobs in Asia, New Zealand, Australia, and Europe, and trying to figure out which country has the least “red tape”, we have grown comfortable in our pretend life in the English countryside. 
Brandon is a small town about 2 hours from London on the train. His house, his neighbors, and the neighborhood are lovely. For example, an elderly neighbor ran outside last week while we were walking to ask Amauri if he could open a jar for her. True story. 
My favorite house down the street.
We drive his mini cooper to the nearest Tesco and make fantastic meals we never had time for before. I have made things like homemade oatmeal cookies, banana bread, and shepherds pie. (Who am I? At home, I barely made the effort to make a hot pocket!) 
We can buy delicious European beer and play cards all night. We can take walks during the day, read books, and watch movies in bed. Without an agenda, we are able to re-connect and recharge our battery for our next trip. It is just what we needed. 
Our most unique activity is making friends with random animals in our backyard. Our most frequently visited friend is Peter. (yes, we named him) The beginning of my friendship with Peter started out rocky. He almost made me pee my pants when I went to the kitchen for water and was met with beady eyes in the window. That, and he woke me up one night trying to eat our umbrella. However, I have grown to like his visits. Most importantly, I enjoy annoying Amauri by screaming his name when I see him at 7am. 
Peter being cheeky. 

We have taken a few day trips to Cambridge, since it is only two stops on the train from Brandon. Cambridge is a small town surrounded by the University with lots of little shops and parks. It is filled with young University students and historical buildings, creating a unique balance of old and new. 

On the campus. Gorgeous fall colors!

We found a few cool places to drink from that represent both past and present. The Eagle is a pub that has been open since 1667 and has a beer garden that can’t be beat on a beautiful day. It is where the scientists met to discuss their discovery of DNA and WWII pilots came to leave their signature on the ceiling. Down the street, Revolution is a vastly different drinking establishment. The interior is filled with plush white couches and their specialty is pitchers of juice and vodka. (and 30 flavors of shots, 6 for £11!)

For now, this is our life. Not a bad feeling being unemployed in Europe.
AD enjoying his warm IPA at The Eagle.

Revolution. First time drinking liquor since the prohibition in Czech Republic!
Trying to ruin Amauri’s fancy panoramic photo. 

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