Cheeky Mates

There is nothing better than London when the sun goes down. At night we met up with one of my friends, Katie, from my European TopDeck Tour in 2009. In 2010, we met again in Australia to meet up with other friends from the tour. (Crazy how you can make lifelong friends from a 2 week tour!) You could say we’re international friends. (I’m cool.)

She is from Liverpool so she has a different accent then what Amauri had been used to from the city. It always took me a minute to adjust to her accent, but I am more hip to the British slang. (I say “hip”. Amauri says “obsessed.” ) However, Amauri was generally new to the differences of casual American language vs. British, and this added another layer of complication. I could tell he was watching her carefully, eyes a little glossed over, nodding when he thought he should be nodding, laughing when it seemed appropriate. Of course he was being his usual charming self, but I knew he had no idea what she was saying. 
We headed to a pop up bar (one that is open in the summer) and she stood up to buy us another round. I quickly tried to get Amauri up to speed on some of the slang she’d been throwing out so that he could participate in the conversation. Fortunately, it didn’t take long for him to adjust. After a few pints, we were all laughing together and I knew it would be a good night. 
Afterward, we met up with her friend and they took us to a Greek restaurant off the Thames river. The place was amazing. Dare I say it? The food was better than the food I had in Greece. Amauri told me later that he had a moment of clarity during dinner when everything that was happening hit him. We were in London.  Having a double date in an amazing restaurant on the Thames river. We were having the kind of night that we’d dreamed of in Orlando. In less than a week, our lives had changed.
Getting into the Olympic spirit!
After dinner we headed to Camden Town, a funky area with lots of cool bars. This is where our new friends busted out the shots and bottles of champagne. (Who parties like that? I love these people!) The conversation was great, but I could still see Amauri had that side head tilt at times, trying to decipher was something like “quid” was. Inside, I was secretly excited. For once, I was the translator!
Enjoying our bubbles.
It ended up being one of those nights that we will always remember. It was refreshing to walk around and be simply grateful of the experiences we had created for ourselves.  We worked really hard the last two years to have the freedom to enjoy our passion of traveling, and we were finally able to live in the moment. 
Most of all, I was glad I won. Amauri now London as much as I do. Booya!
With our new friends, overlooking the London Bridge.

2 responses to “Cheeky Mates

  1. I had totally forgotten you had written this. What an awesome night and memory. Cannot wait till we meet again… and Amauri… I promise to talk slower… i might even talk louder and fall in line with the general British holidaying public … obviously if i talk louder you will understand ha!! xxx

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