Mind the Gap

You know when you hear “Mind the Gap”, you’re in London. Personally, I think London is by far one of the best cities in the world. I lived there in 2008 – 2009 and have been dying to return. The people, the sights, the food. The excitement of the city. 
It never gets old. However, Amauri has heard me rave about it for 2 years and was never on the same page. He loves the sun and everything that comes along with it. The lure of gray clouds and dull colors did not appeal to him in the least. Fortunately for him, I had a secret plan. I planned on converting him. 
Of course, right when we get to the city it was raining. Not Florida raining. London raining. This means a light mist that is not quite enough for an umbrella, but enough to make your hair look like Marge Simpson and annoy the crap out of you. We found our hostel in Covenant Garden, right underneath an Indian restaurant. (mmm curry!) We were on the 5th floor and there was no elevator. Ahh, the memories of living on the 5th floor were all coming back to me now. “Get used to stairs!” I shouted as Amauri was carrying all the luggage. (What? I offered!)
We arrived in our room and met our roommate. He was a deaf man from Italy, who spoke to us in English. We discovered he was there for the Paralympics. My first thoughts were, “Are you kidding me? Way to make me feel like an idiot.” (Yes, I know. I’m selfish.) This guy was amazing. When he couldn’t understand what we were saying, he’d write it down. IN ENGLISH. This guy was not helping my cause for struggling with Portuguese. 
He had one drawback. He would moan all night. Like that kind of moan. Amauri and I raised an eyebrow at each other, immediately feeling like a-holes for wanting to crack up laughing. Luckily we were exhausted and easily passed out for the night in our bunk beds. 
Unfortunately, the next day it was raining again. Despite the weather, I was able to take Amauri around the tourists spots and to the hostel I used to live in. 31 store street has apparently gone through quite the makeover. 
The hostel I used to live in was converted into a wine shop!
London in the rain.
I could tell the rain was putting a damper in the mood, so I decided to introduce him to a proper British pub in the middle of the day. (Is there any better time?) We sat down, ordered our bangers and mash and chicken pie (resisting the urge to say french fries instead of chips), and grabbed our fresh pint of beer. I watched Amauri take his first bite, sit back, and take in his surroundings. 
I knew I had converted him. 
Who said British food is bad?

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