So frickin ready for anything, everything. 

I wanted to start this blog explaining our feelings for leaving Orlando, traveling across seas, making monumental sacrifices in order to reach a final destination that is completely unknown to us at the moment. To anyone that is unaware of our current plans, we are trekking to eastern Europe in an attempt to live and work in Prague (or if you want to be fancy, “Praha”). Although, I doubt the handful of people that are actually reading this haven’t already heard us blabber about this for months.

We have been a tad excited to leave Orlando. 

Why? Well, we had a great life in Orlando. We were surrounded by our close friends, most of our family (Amauri’s family lives in all corners of the world), and had steady income. We struggled with the decision to leave it all. I love my friends and family to death, but I left them before and was confident I would keep in touch. My job at Full Sail University is what kept me there. It was an amazing job that fit me perfectly. I taught Psychology online and was challenged in all the right ways. It was my first job that made me feel like a competent professional. I was plagued with the terrifying thought that I’d never find a job as good, and nervous that my wanderlust for travel was just too much of a pipe dream. Nearing my 30’s, am I too old to pick up my bags and leave again? (Don’t answer that.) I certainly can’t rely on my credit cards this time. No, we are married and responsible.

 In the end, getting engaged and married to Amauri let to everything just falling into the right place. (Life is sneaky in that way) His dreams were the same as mine. The monotonous weekends we dreaded in Orlando started to evolve into our planning days. Hours and hours of research of how we could get out. What country would give us a working visa? We’d take it.

 The fact is, it’s one thing to walk away from a life that is bad for you. A life that is going nowhere, or making you miserable. It is whole other thing to walk away from a good life because it is not the kind of good life that you want for yourself. When you give it up for something unknown (I don’t know how many times Amauri and I responded to questions darted us with a simple “We don’t know. We’ll figure it out.”) It doesn’t make sense to people. Most people want answers before they commit their life to it.

 The answer to a simple “Why do you want to leave?” was always the hardest to explain for us. There is just an internal voice inside our head’s telling us that this is the right path. Yes, the cost of failure is high. We sold all our belongings and only own 2 suitcases worth of stuff. This doesn’t scare me. What scares me is if we didn’t try.

 Of course, there are plenty of times that we felt we might be foolish or even crazy for giving it all up for a dream that may never come to fruition. I can’t tell you how many nights we stayed up anxious and scared, thinking we may be taking the blessings we have been given for granted.

 We did just have the most amazing wedding ever! 

 However, we know that we must tend to the voices that are calling us in order to make the change in our lives for the better. We are not running away from something. Quite the opposite. We are running towards something. Its bigger than ourselves, and whether we succeed or fail, we are ready for the adventure.


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